The team

We play together, Total Football style, 100% committed to inspire and empower the world to play soccer.

Jeremy Melul
CEO & Co-founder

Jeremy is Jogabo’s CEO. He envisions and evangelizes the product with passion and drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth.

Jeremy holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from IE Business School. He has lived in more than 10 countries and after working in innovation consulting, he joined an NGO called Grassroot Soccer in Africa for a year. He has followed his passion for soccer since then.

Mehdi Djabri
CDO & Co-founder

Mehdi designs Jogabo. His role is to create meaningful user experiences through UI/UX design and communicate our message beautifully.

Mehdi holds a Master’s in Management from ESCP Europe. He founded the first soccer social network in the world,, back in 2006. He started developing his design skills on his own and by crafting the UI/UX and branding of various startups in the US, Europe and South America.

Pierre-Guillaume Herveou
CTO & Co-founder

PG builds Jogabo. He brings the best web and mobile technologies to make Jogabo awesome and available to everyone.

PG holds a Master’s in Computer Science from ISEP (Paris) and fine tuned his coding skills by working in algorythmic trading in NYC and then in a couple startups in Europe. He founded, a sports groups managment tool and “Icitaxi”, predecessor to Hailo. He is also an active contributor to the open-source community.

The vision

Wether you call it soccer, football, futbol, futebol... we believe it is the world’s game. We see it as a powerful and yet very simple way to bring people from all social backgrounds and origins together, and foster friendship and brotherhood around the world.

Technology should allow us to share meaningful and real-life experiences together, and we want to do just that at Jogabo: help create moments of happiness and felicity around the ball.

|'jo, ga, bo|

Jogabo comes from the Portuguese phrase “Joga bonito” meaning “play beautiful”. It encapsulates the concept of returning soccer to its high and honorable state. Playing for the pure and simple enjoyment of the game with honor, pride, respect, and as a team.

The symbol

We needed an iconic symbol to represent the Jogabo movement and community. The circle traditionally symbolises unity and plenitude, where one is all and all is one. Free-flowing waves are harmoniously growing around the center and interconnected with the totality.

It is an ode to the wheel of life, with its perpetual movement of human cycles. It reminds of a ball that keeps rolling, an echo to our mantra, never stop playing.


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