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We're shutting down.

Sadly our journey has come to an end and we need to wind down the company. Unfortunately this also means that all of the our apps will also stop working effective immediately. This was not an easy decision but with the current worldwide situation, we figured now would be the best time to rip the bandaid off without affecting too many users.

We started back in 2013 with a simple video "Welcome to social soccer" and an exciting Indiegogo campaign to share our vision with you all. Since then, our community grew to almost every country on the planet and we saw close to 500,000 games being played. But what truly amazed us, was observing these newly formed human connections - The game is beautiful as it is but we always believed its real beauty lies in the people and communities themselves.

We are humbled to have shared this amazing journey with you all. Even though it required more sweat, tears and sacrifices than any of us expected, our lives simply wouldn't be the same without having gone through this together. So, from the bottom of our football loving hearts, thank you!!

Never stop playing
Jeremy, Mehdi, PG, Alex, Peter, Olivier and all our amazing interns over the years.